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Geranium Rose

Geranium Rose


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Geranium Rose  $15.00 (0.8oz) (25grams) 

This healing salve infused with the essence of Rose Geranium, is designed to deeply nourish and replenish dry, desert-scarred skin. Featuring a combination of high-quality oils such as Rose Hip, extra virgin olive, avocado, and coconut, as well as Rose Otto, rose geranium essential oil and flower essences, this artisan formula offers a full spectrum of therapeutic benefits.

Not only does this salve restore lost moisture and repair dry skin, but it also has a pleasant rose aroma with grassy undertones. Rose Geranium has long been associated with fertility, health, and love, while Rose Otto is known for its comforting, rejuvenating, and joyful properties. The Rose Geranium flower essences included in this formula can help to release suppressed emotions, uplift the mood, and encourage self-love and compassion during times of grief or heartache.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, Avocado oil, Rose hip oil, Coconut oil, Rose Geranium flower essence, Geranium essential oil, Rose Otto essential oil,  and beeswax.

Uses: Anti Aging, Anti inflammatory, Anti Oxidant, Anti anxiety.

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